Meet the team


Mary Jo Cooper, President

Mary Jo, the president of Cooper Compliance, is insanely tenacious and has convinced everyone she knows that compliance work is fun! Thus, she is described by her employees as a genius; she knows everything. Her hobbies are working, reading large calculus books, and organizing her office.
Mary Jo utilizes her 30 years of experience as an electrical engineer and internal controls expert developing and implementing the overall compliance strategy for her clients. Her dedication to compliance is rooted in a passion for efficiency, integrity, and respect. Her professional experience includes providing compliance management services to system operators, generators, distribution providers, and transmission operators. She has experience as an operations engineer, auditor, load forecaster, cost production modeler, and demand side management.
Mary Jo was the founding co-chair of the North American Generator Forum, focusing on helping renewable generators with NERC Compliance Standards. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, a Master of Business Administration, and certifications in Power Engineering, Internal Controls, and Energy Management.


Lisa Ellis, Compliance Project Manager

Ms. Ellis has over 16 years’ experience in the Electric Utility Industry. Prior to coming to Cooper Compliance, Lisa was a Reliability Coordinator System Operator III trainee for Peak Reliability. She was also employed by the CAISO as a Singer, Generation Dispatcher, Transmission Dispatcher running the State Estimator, and Grid Resource Coordinator for Market Operations, as well as providing other operational support analysis.

Ms. Ellis is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and participating in all Cooper Compliance projects. Her experience and many achievements make her uniquely qualified for assisting entities develop and maintain an audit-ready NERC Compliance program. She provides operations and critical infrastructure protection training programs for client management teams, ensuring a robust compliance program. Lisa’s real-life experiences in the field qualify her on how to avoid compliance issues.

Ms. Ellis has a Bachelor in Energy Management, an Associate degree in Electrical Transmission Systems Technology, and is a certified NERC System Operator.


Henry Hadjor, Compliance Engineer

Henry is humble and well respected by the Cooper Compliance HR department. Without Henry, we would all be in big trouble. His Fitbit keeps us all moving. Henry has many hobbies, but his favorites are assisting families in need and teaching his children respect and kindness.
An expert in protection systems, Henry serves as Cooper Compliance's authority for PRC-005. Before joining Cooper Compliance, and while finishing his master's degree, Henry worked for the California Department of Water Resources monitoring the protection system maintenance program and the California Independent System Operator, modeling the substation Energy Management System.
He has a Bachelors of Science in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and has completed all coursework for a Masters in Electrical Electronic Engineering.


Global Audit-Ready provides a level of situational awareness we never had before. All our documents, narratives, and processes are in one place. I can pull up any given regulation and see the elements we have in place to be compliant. SMEs can step through required processes with drop downs, which means no mistakes due to spelling errors. It’s great.
— Ron Drobeck, SOLV

Teresa Toth-Fejel, Technical Writer

Teresa is a great author.  Her hobbies are raising chickens and her three lovely children. She is currently writing a children’s book on how to have your roosters for dinner.

Teresa has an extensive background in quality assurance for software systems and documentation.  She has produced award-winning documentation in the areas of website creation and design and installation of software systems.  At Cooper Compliance, Teresa produces tutorial videos, procedures, training manuals, and participates in train-the-trainer sessions to perfect internal training systems. 


Rod Shojaei, Manager of Product Development

Rod is beyond brilliant.  We begin to explain what we need Global Audit-Ready to do, and he finishes our sentence, making everything better. Rod's hobby is fulfilling his love for food. He has a big appetite, but it all goes to feed his very active brain.  He competes with Amber for leftovers in the fridge.

As the Manager of Product Development, Rod is Cooper Compliance’s expert on SharePoint technical administration and product performance. He began his career as a SharePoint specialist at Intel Corporation, where he excelled in developing business solutions, resolving technical issues and providing consultation for customers using the SharePoint platform. He holds a Bachelor's of Science in Physics from UCLA and graduated top of his class.


Erica Oresky, Marketing and Business Development

Erica knows how to bounce.  She's in charge of the Cooper Compliance physical fitness program and is an integral part of keeping the office working like a well-oiled machine.

As a major factor in the success of Cooper Compliance, Erica makes every project run smoothly.  She is the Jill of all trades. She provides client support to ensure excellent customer relations. Erica is the voice of many of our electronic training programs and provides post-market software support.  Need your password reset? Need assistance using the Global Audit-Ready products? Just call and ask for Erica.

Thomas Strickland .png

Thomas Strickland, CIP Project Manager

Tom is super smart. We all just pretend to know what he's talking about. His hobbies are building tinker toy structures that are impervious to cyber or physical breach.

As the contracted Lead CIP Project Manager, Tom provides consulting services and establishes content for Global Audit-Ready. Tom has 30 years of experience in IT, guiding and consulting global companies, governmental agencies, and critical infrastructure entities. He is a leader in cyber and physical security, NERC CIP, critical infrastructure, risk management, and data integration. He has also recovered enterprise side services during crises.

Tom has a Bachelors in Computer Information Management and Business Management. His certifications include Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). He completed formal training through the U.S. Department of Treasury to perform the NIST Security Self‐Assessment Guide for Information Technology Systems (NIST 800 Series) assessments. He was selected by the DHS to attend formal training at DHS/INL - National SCADA Test Bed Program/Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security Advanced Training at the Idaho Falls National Lab.


Hari Modi, Compliance Project Manager

Hari is wealthy and wise.  His hobby is playing cribbage for quarters with his now impoverished friends.

Bringing 30 years of experience managing compliance with NERC/WECC, state, federal, CEQA, and NEPA regulations, Hari supports many of Cooper Compliance's special projects. Before joining Cooper Compliance, Hari worked with the Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). As Compliance Manager, Hari oversees all elements of client compliance implementation and management.


Eric Shen, Programmer

Eric is our stealthy new programmer we cannot tell if he is in the office unless he’s telling one of his numerous amusing Knock-Knock Jokes.  He enjoys seemingly endless marathons, and even longer European style board games.  He has most recently worked for Intel, in Folsom and holds a Masters In Business Administration, a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and is about to hold Masters in Computer Science so therefore we can be assured all of his code is Y2K compliant.”


Amber Worthylake, Human Resources

Human Resources and SharePoint professional. Amber got her Human Resources degree from San Diego State University and is an expert in conflict resolution among Pacific Beach boys.  Instagram and Snap-chat extraordinaire. She has a flair of designer clothes purchased at consignment stores.  Keeps the Cooper Compliance Kitchen smelling like a variety of awesome foods - treats it like a home kitchen preventing any and all food in the fridge from expiring, eventually mysterious complaints of missing food arise.     

Amber gets mad when Rod gets three plates of food and Amber only gets one.  She files a personal compliant with HR aka herself. 


Matthew Detmers, Student Engineering Assistant

Matthew is a Nerd.  He thought it was a great idea to use his refrigerator as a load while testing his home-made under-frequency relay! The good news is that it worked and the ice cream turned into the best milk shake ever, which happens to be his other passion. His hobbies are studying and working on his Volkswagen (which could also be described as his other job).

Matthew is in his third year studying electrical engineering at the University of California, Sacramento.  

Matthew says "Wow, I learn something new every day!"

Matthew assists by testing our products and providing quality control.  He helps our engineers to develop workflows, conduct engineering studies, perform facility assessments, and PRC-005 maintenance evaluations.  He also assists in maintaining our website.

Strategic Partners

Cooper Compliance provides our clients the right expertise where needed.  We have formed strategic partnerships with three highly recognized and talented professionals.


John Horak, P.E., Protection System Engineer

We are convinced that John was the original engineer that identified that foam on top of beer is a great analogy for real and reactive power. John's hobbies include mapping vectors on topographical maps, prior to climbing the great Rocky Mountains.

An expert in protection system design, John is a Cooper Compliance strategic partner, serving as a subject matter expert for our clients' compliance with MOD and PRC Standards. John has 30 years of experience as a professional engineer, specializing in relay settings and control design related to generation plants, high voltage transmission substation design, medium-voltage distribution design, and breaker configuration in low-voltage systems.

lc williams.jpg

L. C. Williams, Partner, Ionado Group 

L. C. is a strategic partner who teams up with Cooper Compliance to get client CIP programs ship-shape. L.C. possesses two decades of experience in information technology project management roles, is responsible for dozens of medium to large scale implementations of both public and private enterprise software systems.

L. C. is a cyber security and operational risk management professional with extensive energy industry experience establishing sustainable cybersecurity programs for state and federal agencies and public utilities.    His diverse technology background in the electric utility sector includes leading enterprise cybersecurity risk management, network security architecture design, energy scheduling system uplift, financial trading system implementation, energy accounting report design, and internal systems audit.   

L.C. holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification from the Project Management Institute and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) from the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium.


Earl Shockley, President, InPOWERd LLC

Earl learned to strum his way to everyone’s hearts in Nashville. He can help make your talented team play with style by arranging a compliance program that flows in harmony.

Earl is President, Founder and Chief Manager of InPOWERd LLC.  He has 40 years’ experience in the electric utility industry including 8 years as a regulator at North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

Earl is a decisive, action-oriented, senior executive with a unique blend of managerial, regulatory and technical experience.  He is a sought after strategic consultant, solutions architect, public speaker, and expert witness on complex issues involving regulatory compliance, risk management, organizational culture change, power grid operations and cyber security.

Earl holds a Masters of Science degree in Engineering Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration & Organizational Management.  He also completed numerous advanced technical power system apprenticeships and certification courses while in the US Navy and the electric industry.