NERC Update - February 18

February 2018

Why focus on Compliance? Not just because the regulatory bodies tell us to, but more importantly to avoid and mitigate dangerous situations like these:

  • Electrical worker in critical condition after touching high-voltage wire, Miami Herald, Feb 13, 2018
  • Explosion, fire at power plant cause blackout in northern Puerto Rico, CBS News, Feb 12, 2018
  • Nearly 1,000 miners trapped underground in South Africa after power outage, Independent, Feb 1, 2018

To help you achieve safety and reliability, Cooper Compliance is pleased to provide news that compliance professionals need to know. In this newsletter, learn what standards are imminently changing, retiring, or becoming effective. Keep up to date with your entity’s responsibilities for NERC standards. We sift through the NERC website and bring it all together for you in a neat and succinct summary, freeing your time to build your business.   

This report provides:

  • A summary of the NERC updates that were made during January of 2018.
  • A description of NERC projects under development and our comments on each
  • A list of new RSAWs that have been added to the databases underlying Global Audit-Ready, our cutting edge compliance software package for energy industry compliance to government standards.
  • Updates to Cooper Compliance Global Audit-Ready SharePoint applications, which help your organization adhere to ever changing standards of compliance.

Revised NERC Standards

BAL-002-2(i) (R1, R2)
Title: Disturbance Control Standard – Contingency Reserve for Recovery from a Balancing Contingency Event
Applicability: Balancing Authority or Reserve Sharing Group
Effective Date: 2/5/2018
BAL-002-2(i) replaces BAL-002-2 on 2/5/18. For R1 and R2, the VRF was changed from Medium to High.  To comply with R1 and R2, the responsible entity must supply evidence and documents proving compliance if there is a reportable balancing contingency event.

NERC Standards Under Development January/February 2017

  • 2017-02 Modifications to PER Standards  Posted for comment and balloting, both of which close on 3/7/2018.
    Proposed changes are as follows:
    PER-003-1 R1-R3: A clarifying footnote needs to be added to ensure that stakeholders  understand (i) the connection between the Standard and the Program Manual ; and (ii) that the certifications referenced under PER-003-1 are those under the NERC System Operator Certification Program.
    PER-004-2: The Project Team recommends that PER-004-2 be retired. All of its requirements are redundant with requirements in other FERC-approved reliability standards that are in effect or soon to be effective.  It is not necessary or efficient to maintain such duplicative requirements.
    VOTING RECOMMENDATION: Cooper Compliance recommends voting Yes.
  • 2017-07 Standards Alignment with Registration | Standards Authorization Reques.  Commenting closes on 3/2/2018.
    Project 2017-7 Standards Alignment with Registration is focused on making updates necessary to reflect the retirement of functional registration of PSEs, IAs, and LSEs. This includes replacing with another function, removal of function, and informing other period reviewers of the necessity of removing these functional registrations.
    COMMENT RECOMMENDATION: Cooper Compliance recommends agreement with these minor standard revisions to remove references to retired functional registrations.

See the NERC Balloting and Commenting page for details of how to participate.

Updates to Global Audit-Ready SharePoint Applications

RSAW Creator. This exciting new application lets you prepare RSAWs, complete with ordered references to evidence, with the click of a button. All evidence files are collected into a single folder for easy attachment to the package.

Operator Instruction Log Site Access.  A new Site Access tab lets you easily keep track of who accesses each facility, when they arrive, and when they leave. Use this data as an audit trail of personnel access, and for more immediate purposes, such as to respond timely if personnel does not exit when expected.

Updates to Standards. As always, those subscribing to Global Audit-Ready applications receive all NERC and GO167 standards in database format, updated with all relevant information, such as VRF, functional registration, and more.

New and Updated RSAW Documents:

Standard Description Date Updated
PRC-006-3 Automatic Underfrequency Load,Shedding 11/29/2017
VAR-001-4.2 Voltage and Reactive Control 11/29/2017
VAR-002-4.1 Generator Operation for Maintaining Network Voltage 11/29/2017
BAL-002-2 Disturbance Control Performance - Contingency Reserve for Recovery from a Balancing Contingency Event 10/11/2017
IRO-018-1(i) Reliability Coordinator,Real-time Reliability Monitoring and Analysis Capabilities 10/11/2017
TOP-010-1 Real-time Reliability Monitoring,and Analysis Capabilities 10/11/2017
PRC-026-1 Relay Performance During Stable,Power Swings 9/25/2017


Cooper Compliance - Keeping you Audit Ready

Cooper Compliance strives to simplify compliance by integrating compliance into our clients’ daily work.  The Global Audit-Ready system records and stores evidence as you perform your normal activities, freeing-up time so you can focus on adding value to your organization. Let us know if we can help, or if you would like a demo of our transformative Global Audit-Ready compliance applications.

Cooper Compliance has been providing NERC Compliance services since 2007.  The Global Audit-Ready Software suite by Cooper Compliance are SharePoint applications designed to provide automatic RSAW Development as well as controls to ensure accuracy when demonstrating compliance.