December 2018 - Standards Updates

Happy New Year! This newsletter contains information of interest to compliance professionals in the electric utility industry. Cooper Compliance clients and non-clients alike will find useful, timely information, including the following:

  • Cooper Compliance News

  • Upcoming Industry Events

  • Retired Standards

  • New or Revised NERC Standards

  • NERC Standards Under Development

  • Standards Becoming Effective

  • New RSAWs

Cooper Compliance News

NERCRequirements List Updated

The Cooper Compliance is excited to welcome aboard all our new clients with a strong 2018 finish. We are looking forward to 2019 and can’t wait to tell you about our plans which will be announced upon completion. We are super excited for what will be released in next months newsletter.

Reflecting back to 2018, Global Audit-Ready just keeps getting better and better. Here are all the new features added:

  • Heat Map to view compliance for all your facilities at once.

  • Enhanced workflows, including document review and approval discussed below.

  • RSAW creator to generate your compliance documentation with a click of a button.

  • Enhancements to our PSMP tool, now used to track many other activities such as generator testing and model validations.

  • Key indicator graphics.

  • Enhanced Auditor module for your internal auditors to track their audit-results.

  • Many other minor enhancements such as filters by subject matter experts, click link from email or task list to upload documents to close out tasks, enhancements to document review (also discussed below), and many more.

In December, the Global Audit-Ready database of NERC and regional standards has been updated to reflect changes NERC took during the previous month. It was a quiet month at NERC (maybe the holiday cheer?) and only one new standard, VAR-001-5, was added.

Global Audit-Ready Application Enhancements

Cooper Compliance has developed a new Global Audit-Ready app, the Approval Tracking System. This lets you track not only one-time data requests, but also cyclical required updates to documents such as policies and procedures. You can also use it to process reviews of RSAWs. A reminder based tracking system cycles documents through the updating, reviewing, finalizing, and approving stages of document update, while obtaining electronic signatures throughout the process. You have the ability to add notes at each stage and assign different stakeholders to various tasks relating to the update.

We've used Approval Tracking System's features to enhance the compliance management team's ability to review documents prior to a task being marked as complete. When this feature is turned on, the escalation team will receive an email to review new documents added to the system to ensure they are relevant and loaded to the appropriate task. Once approved by at least one person from the escalation group, the task will be marked complete.

Upcoming Industry Events

Here are a few industry events where you might see Cooper Compliance. Drop by our booth to see a demo of our great new product enhancements.

  • Solar Asset Management, March 26-27, San Francisco CA

  • WECC Spring Workshop, April 9-11, Anaheim CA

  • NPCC Spring Compliance & Standards Workshop, May 1, Groton CT

Retired Standards


New or Revised Standards In the CCC Standards Database


Titled Voltage and Reactive Control, will replace VAR-001-4.2 as of 1/1/2019. The only substantive change is that E.A.15, a regional variance for WECC, was eliminated. It read “Each Generator Operator shall convert each voltage schedule specified in Requirement E.A.13 into the voltage set point for the generator excitation system.”

Effective Date: 1/1/2019

Applies to: TOs. Also to GOs within WECC for the WECC variance.

Standards Under Development

Project 2017-01 Modifications to BAL-003-1.1

Initial Ballots: 1/8/2019 to 1/17/2019

Comment Period: 12/4/2018 to 1/17/2019

Join Ballot Pools: 12/4/2018 to 1/2/2019

The Phase I portion of the project proposes to revise the BAL-003-1 standard and process documents to address: (1) the inconsistencies in calculation of IFROs (2) the Eastern Interconnection Resource Contingency Protection Criteria; (3) the frequency of nadir point limitations (4) clarification of language in Attachment A; and (5) the BAL-003-1 FRS Forms need enhancements.

Project 2018-04 Modifications to PRC-024-2

| Standard Authorization Request

Comment Period: 12/19/2018 to 1/18/2019

This update includes potential modifications to PRC-024-2 to help ensure that inverter-based generator owners, operators, developers, and equipment manufacturers understand the intent of the standard in order for their plants respond to grid disturbances in a manner that contributes to the reliable operation of the BPS. This change stems in part from the analysis of the Blue Cut Fire and Canyon 2 Fire disturbances in southern California

Standards Effective on 1/1/2019

Besides VAR-001-5, discussed above, BAL-005-1 and FAC-001-3 are becoming enforceable on 1/1/2019. Take a look:


Balancing Authority Control. Version 1 of this standard retires Version 0.2b as well as BAL-006-2. The Standard now only applies to the Balancing Authority and no longer applies to the Generator Operators (GOP) or Transmission Operators (TOP). The requirements for a GOP or TOP to be within the metered boundaries is met with the revised FAC-001 standard discussed below. The purpose of the Standard is to establishes requirements for acquiring data necessary to calculate Reporting Area Control Error (Reporting ACE). The standard also specifies a minimum periodicity, accuracy, and availability requirement for acquisition of the data and for providing the information to the System Operator. Complete re-write of standard.


Facility Interconnection. R4. of this Standard was revised to require those GO’s have a third party Facility interconnecting to their existing Facility to ensure their Interconnection Agreement includes provisions for the third party to be within the metered boundaries of a BA. The purpose of the Standard is Tto avoid adverse impacts on the reliability of the Bulk Electric System, Transmission Owners and applicable Generator Owners must document and make Facility interconnection requirements available so that entities seeking to interconnect will have the necessary information. Major change? TOs and GOs must address the following in Facility interconnection requirements: procedures for confirming with those responsible for the reliability of affected systems of new or materially modified transmission Facilities are within a Balancing Authority (BA) Area’s metered boundaries. This requirement retires the responsibility within BAL-005-1 to provide evidence that the TO or GO is within the

metered boundaries of the BA Area.


These RSAWs have been added to the NERC website and have also been added to the Global Audit-Ready software for Cooper Compliance clients. Click the Microsoft Word icon below to be taken to the RSAW on NERC’s website.

BAL-002-3 System Restoration from Blackstart Resources 11/2/2018

VAR-001-5 Loss of Control Center Functionality 11/2/2018

Global Audit-Ready users will be provided these RSAWs to upload to your RSAW Documents library in a separate email.

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