NERC Update Summary February 2019

Global Audit-Ready Standards Updates

February 2019
This newsletter contains information of interest to compliance professionals in the electric utility industry. Cooper Compliance clients and non-clients alike will find useful, timely information, including the following:

  • Cooper Compliance News

  • Upcoming Industry Events

  • New or Revised NERC Standards

  • NERC Standards Under Development

  • Standards Becoming Effective

  • New RSAWs

Cooper Compliance News

NERCRequirements List Updated

In January, BAL-002-3 and VAR-001-5 RSAWs were added to the Cooper Compliance database. See the New RSAWs section.
The future enforceable standard PER-003-2 has been added,and retirement dates have been entered for PER-003-1 and PER-004-2 (which is being retired with no new version to replace it).

Global Audit-Ready Application Enhancements

Development at Cooper Compliance continues at a steady pace to give you more control and automation for managing your compliance program.
Approval Tracking System:Last month, as you may remember, we announced our new Global Audit-Ready app, the Approval Tracking System. This lets you track not only one-time data requests, but also cyclical required updates to documents such as policies and procedures. You can also use it to process reviews of RSAWs.  A reminder based tracking system cycles documents through the updating, reviewing, finalizing, and approving stages of document update, while obtaining electronic signatures throughout the process. You have the ability to add notes at each stage and assign different stakeholders to various tasks relating to the update.

Global Audit-Ready Survey tool:Feeling overwhelmed? Short of resources? Not enough time to keep up with all the activity going on around you and maintain compliance with the ever-growing regulations?

Cooper Compliance has you covered through automation!

This month, we are very excited to announce the new Global Audit-Ready Survey tool, which is an automated internal control system. This interactive survey tool allows you to query your SMEs to determine if certain activities occurred.  A positive response generates a task prompting them to take action and provide evidence related to a Requirement. It can also be used to simply collect information needed for regulatory reporting. All survey questions are listed by the subject matter expert in one form with one email reminder whenever the survey period opens up. A second email reminder is sent if the survey and associated tasks have not been completed within the designated time period.  Features include:

  • Drill down survey capability

  • Task creation to upload documents

  • Task creation to report a value or text

This powerful automated tool can assist with many compliance-related activities including the reporting of number of accidents, endangered species or other activities.

PSMP App:The PSMP app has been updated with some interface changes to make it easier to select multipl pieces of equipment. A new Notes window, for notes that will appear in Compliance Status Report and the finished RSAW, has been added. You can now add additional work order instructions for unresolved issues. Due dates for unresolved work orders are now displayed. The new PSMP app also includes other changes that allow for a smoother and more efficient user experience.

Industry News

It turns out that NERC penalties are real and can cost you a bundle:

The California PUC recently implemented Cyber Security regulations, applicable to DPs in the state:

Upcoming Industry Events

Here are a few industry events where you might see Cooper Compliance. Drop by our booth to see a demo of our great new product enhancements.

  • Solar Asset Management, March 26 - 27, San Francisco CA. More details.

  • WECC Spring Workshop, April 9 - 11, Garden Grove CA (near Anaheim). More details.

  • NPCC Spring Compliance & Standards Workshop, May 22 - May 23, Groton CT. Get tickets.

Retired Standards

No standards are being retired at this time.
PER-004-2 is scheduled to retire 6/30/2019 due to its requirements being redundant with other enforceable standards.

New or Revised Standards In the CCC Standards Database

PER-003-2, titled Operating Personnel Credentials, will replace PER-003-1 as of 7/1/2019.  The only substantive change is that a clarifying footnote is added to ensure that stakeholders (now and in the future) understand (i) the connection between the Standard and the Program Manual; and (ii) that the certifications referenced under PER-003-2 are those under the NERC System Operator Certification Program.. Also, boilerplate text common to all standards has been updated to reflect NERC's current template.
Effective Date: 7/1/2019
Applies to: RC, TOP, BA.

Standards Under Development

At this time, there are no upcoming Ballots, no ballot pools open for joining, and no standard changes posted for comment.

Standards Becoming Effective Soon

On 4/1/2019, the following standards become effective:
See future newsletters for what these changes mean for you.


These RSAWs have been added to the NERC website and have also been added to the Global Audit-Ready software for Cooper Compliance clients.



Global Audit-Ready users will be provided these RSAWs to upload to your RSAW Documents library in a separate email.