BREAKING: NERC Accepts Merced Irrigation District De-activation as TO

(Merced, CA, June 5, 2019) Merced Irrigation District Water & Power (MEID) learned that it has been successfully deregistered as Transmission Owner (TO) by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) on April 23, 2019 through a decision of the NERC Led Review Panel. The determination was made based on an exhaustive analysis presented by MEID in conjunction with Cooper Compliance Corporation, who represented MEID to NERC in this matter. This result will enable both Turlock Irrigation District (TID) and MEID to narrow their focus to more efficiently continue to deliver safe, reliable and affordable electric service in Central California.

The NERC Led Review Panel has been established to evaluate the applicability to unique situations of registered entities that should not qualify as Bulk Electric System (BES), but otherwise qualifies by applying the approved NERC definition of BES.

Cooper Compliance and MEID started this process with an initial request for deregistration in August of 2018. After initial review, including more requests for information that were fulfilled by MEID and Cooper Compliance, the NERC-led Review Panel evaluated MEID’s materiality to the BES as a TO by considering evidence in light of the materiality test and the Risk-Based Registration (RBR) Implementation Guidance. After this review, the Panel concluded that MEID’s registration as a TO is not material to the reliability of the BES.

MEID owns a small section of transmission and bus bar rated at 230 kV and located at the tail end of the transmission system. A small amount of power flows through the transmission and bus bar at times, preventing MEID from qualifying for a BES definition exemption. The analysis of the MEID system prepared by Cooper Compliance and MEID included a determination that the amount of power that flowed through was no more than that of distributed generation under the Exclusion E2. That, along with consideration of other factors, helped the NERC Led Review Panel come to this final decision. Other decision factors included: the location of MEID on the Bulk Electric System; the agreement of the materiality to the BES by WECC (regional entity) and Turlock Irrigation District, to which MEID interconnects; MEID’s registration as a DP accompanied with a detailed analysis demonstrating no additional gaps exist.

NERC notes that the decision to accept MEID’s request to deactivate it’s TO registration does not set precedent regarding the registration of similar entities. Each request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and determinations are made based on the specific facts and circumstances of each situation.

Rich Dragonajtys, Principle Engineering Manager of MEID, said of the decision: “I wanted to thank all the members of the Panel, Mary Jo and her staff at Cooper Compliance, Michael Dalebout, Brett Bodine, Scott Downey, you and your staff and my own management and coworkers who allowed Mary Jo and I to take a chance on this effort and helped me gather information and data for initial application write-up and subsequent RFI’s.”

Cooper Compliance is known for its commitment to its clients and provides invaluable assistance for NERC compliance. They provide excellent professional services and we love their Global Audit-Ready Products designed for SharePoint. The Global Audit-Ready suite fully documents our programs with built in controls that run our compliance program like a tax software while ensuring we get our best rate of return by providing reliable services to our customers.”

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