The Global Audit-Ready™ Suite Of Services


Global Audit-Ready Document Loading Function


Take the management and control of your critical documents to the next level.

This function provides a systematic way of loading evidence so that documents are added one time. It ensures proper version control and works with the Global Audit-Ready task management workflows to ensure timely activity and responses to data requests. In the world of compliance, what you did doesn’t matter if you don’t have the evidence to prove it. The Document Loader is then automatically tied to work flows that schedule work, create tasks, and emails notifications. The responsible individual simply loads the specified document that demonstrates compliance to close out tasks. No additional administrative steps are needed to gather the relevant metadata. Click here for a brief tutorial...MTS-LINK??


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Even if you currently have in-house resources, working with Cooper Compliance taps you into decades of experience and cultivated knowledge as well as a flexible software platform customized to your specific needs.