Global audit-ready sharepoint add-ons document your compliance, maintain evidence, and build in controls making your day-to-day activities easier and freeing your time to focus on adding value to your organization.

Global Audit-Ready™ Suite

The Cooper Compliance Global Audit-Ready SharePoint® Applications are the ideal platform for those responsible for managing many types of regulatory compliance programs, from NERC compliance, to state legislative and regulatory compliance, California Cap and Trade regulations, even your internal compliance programs.

The system allows you to focus on your daily activities, while at the same time documenting crucial procedures, tracking evidence, assigning responsibilities, and building controls into your compliance program.

Discover how automatic notifications, communications and escalations free you up from compliance busy work and empower you to be proactive.


Why SharePoint?

Make adoption faster and easier while simplifying the process of becoming a Global Audit-Ready organization.

Being a best-in-class, enterprise-grade tool, SharePoint provides a familiar and easy-to-use foundation. Because Global Audit-Ready is a SharePoint add-on and Microsoft software-based organizations already have SharePoint installed, Global Audit-Ready simply plugs into your existing IT infrastructure. If you work on a PC, using Global Audit-Ready is a simple process.

Global Audit-Ready is not a separate software platform; it supports both on-site and cloud-based Office 365 implementations. The SharePoint add-on keeps your organization audit ready while freeing up your IT staff to focus on their key priorities, such as infrastructure and cyber security.

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Our lives are so much easier now we have Global Audit-Ready. From set-up to getting things running, we feel like compliance is built into our daily work. Cooper Compliance has been there for us every step of the way.
— Dennis Schmidt, Anaheim Public Utilities


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"The folks at Cooper Compliance are highly knowledgeable and I learned an amazing amount of information. In a very short period of time 

we completely transformed our NERC Compliance Program by identifying our vulnerabilities, building in controls, documenting all of our processes, identifying our evidence, revising our procedures and setting up our SharePoint site to continuously monitor and manage our program, all with the help and support of the Cooper Compliance team."

~ Vaughn Minter, Merced Irrigation District