Cooper Compliance story

Our Global Audit-Ready Platform is a sensible, user-friendly way for organizations to implement all types of regulatory compliance.

Global Audit-Ready was originally developed as a software solution for us to manage and administer our clients' compliance programs.

Clients of our consulting practice and users of our Global Audit-Ready products can quickly install and implement Global Audit-Ready to build compliance and controls into core operations.

Global Audit-Ready helps by automating the necessary compliance “paper trail”, rather than adding it as a layer of additional work. This frees you to focus on everything else you need to do.

You need efficiency and organization while maintaining broad visibility into your processes. Global Audit-Ready SharePoint applications help with this by tracking compliance with your agreements, local and state regulations, environmental regulations, and more.


"We really feel like Cooper Compliance supports all our compliance needs. I cannot imagine doing this job without Global Audit-Ready."

-Ron Drobeck, SOLV


The Cooper Compliance Global Audit-Ready SharePoint® Applications are the ideal platform for those responsible for managing many types of regulatory compliance programs, from NERC compliance, to state legislative and regulatory compliance, California Cap and Trade regulations, even your internal compliance programs.

Global Audit-Ready is designed to integrate into the team’s daily activities. Cooper Compliance prioritizes your user experience and your people. It’s at the core of our vision for successful compliance.

The system allows you to focus on your daily activities, while at the same time documenting crucial procedures, tracking evidence, assigning responsibilities, and building controls into your compliance program.

Are you ready to document and demonstrate how you comply with standards and maintain evidence in the most productive, simple way possible?


Our Approach

Cooper Compliance uses a process-oriented method to make your life easier. Regulations are often vague to allow organizations the flexibility to design a program unique to their operations while meeting their objectives. Our approach documents each type of evidence while describing how your entity complies with each regulatory requirement in a separate process narrative. The narratives are used as the content to complete your Reliability Standard Audit Worksheets.

The process oriented approach describes each type of evidence while identifying who does what, when, where and why to provide clarity to both your team and the auditors. It also depicts the evidence used to demonstrate completion, accuracy and timeliness.

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