The Global Audit-Ready™ Suite


Operator Instructions Log (OIL)

Global Audit-Ready Operator Instruction Log-screenshot.png

Use the Global Audit-Ready OIL to ensure your operating personnel know what to do and when, building compliance into their daily activities. This function is more than just an electronic logbook: it is an electronic procedure with a checklist. Controls built into OIL ensure efficiency, completeness, accuracy and timeliness.

OIL supports you in real time

  • Event logging
  • Actionable checklists
  • Automated emails to those who need to know, such as maintenance technicians, senior management or regulatory agencies
  • Track and manage timely analysis of interrupting device operations and corrective action plans for Misoperations
  • Streamlined and automated reporting to agencies, for example BES Events and outage notifications. Operators fill-in the blanks once, and OIL parses the info to the individual forms, saving operators time.
  • Track and report on key outage indicators
  • Execution of all mandatory steps with reduction of time spent performing regulatory activities. Ultimately, saving time for the real work of maintaining electric reliability.
  • Generate a report to identify all real-time operator logs associated with the regulations


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