Global Audit-Ready SharePoint add-ons document your compliance, maintain evidence, and build in controls making your day-to-day activities easier and freeing your time to focus on adding value to your organization.

Global Audit-Ready™ Compliance Management Suite

The Cooper Compliance Global Audit-Ready SharePoint® Applications are the ideal platform for those responsible for managing many types of regulatory compliance programs, from NERC compliance, to state legislative and regulatory compliance, California Cap and Trade regulations, even your internal compliance programs.

The system allows you to focus on your daily activities, while at the same time documenting crucial procedures, tracking evidence, assigning responsibilities, and building controls into your compliance program.

Discover how automatic notifications, communications and escalations free you up from compliance busy work and empower you to be proactive.

Why SharePoint?

Make adoption faster and easier while simplifying the process by becoming a Global Audit-Ready organization.

Being a best-in-class, enterprise-grade tool, SharePoint provides a familiar and easy-to-use foundation. Because Global Audit-Ready is a SharePoint add-on and Microsoft software-based organizations already have SharePoint installed, Global Audit-Ready simply plugs into your existing IT infrastructure. If you work on a PC, using Global Audit-Ready is a simple process.

Global Audit-Ready is not a separate software platform; it supports both on-site and cloud-based Office 365 implementations. The SharePoint add-on keeps your organization audit ready while freeing up your IT staff to focus on their key priorities, such as infrastructure and cyber security.

Our lives are so much easier now we have Global Audit-Ready. From set-up to getting things running, we feel like compliance is built into our daily work. Cooper Compliance has been there for us every step of the way.
— Dennis Schmidt, Anaheim Public Utilities

"The folks at Cooper Compliance are highly knowledgeable and I learned an amazing amount of information. In a very short period of time

we completely transformed our NERC Compliance Program by identifying our vulnerabilities, building in controls, documenting all of our processes, identifying our evidence, revising our procedures and setting up our SharePoint site to continuously monitor and manage our program, all with the help and support of the Cooper Compliance team."

Vaughn Minter, Merced Irrigation District

The Global Audit-Ready™ Compliance Managment Suite


Want to know the overall status of your compliance program in real time? 

  • See what regulations are applicable and when the regulation is effective

  • View team members that are responsible for ensuring the regulations are met

  • Check the overall compliance status of your program

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The reporting function of the Compliance Status Report is the central hub that maintains evidence and updates information on your compliance program. It includes a database of all related NERC regulations and others.

Use the Global Audit-Ready Compliance Status Report to document the processes (policies, procedures, activities, controls, logs, etc.) that demonstrate compliance with the NERC regulations.




Perform the following functions with Global Audit-Ready Compliance Status Report:

  • View each standard and its applicability to your organization

  • Read and edit process narratives to ensure compliance

  • Identify who is responsible for a process

  • Identify associated controls

  • See and load evidence that demonstrates compliance

  • Document internal or self-audit results


Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) know their duties best! Your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are experts at their primary job function, but don’t necessarily need to be experts in compliance. With the Global Audit-Ready SME Responsibility Report, they don’t have to be. The SME Responsibility Report provides the same capabilities as the Compliance Status Report but is specific to each individual SME. Easy access to the information they need encourages SME's to be proactive and lean-in to compliance. This allows the SME to focus on their primary job function within the organization while maintaining a keen eye on the regulations they are responsible for.



Global Audit-Ready Document Loader

Take the management and control of your critical documents to the next level.

This function provides a systematic way of loading evidence so that documents are added one time. It ensures proper version control and works with the Global Audit-Ready task management workflows to ensure timely activity and responses to data requests. In the world of compliance, what you did doesn’t matter if you don’t have the evidence to prove it. The Document Loader is then automatically tied to work flows that schedule work, create tasks, and emails notifications. The responsible individual simply loads the specified document to close out tasks. No additional administrative steps are needed to gather the relevant metadata.



Global Audit-Ready Editor Function


The Global Audit-Ready Editor function is designed to efficiently aid in building and maintaining your compliance program. This is where you describe who does what, when, where, and why the type of document is used to demonstrate compliance with the regulation. You identify your controls, your subject matter experts, setup your reminder workflows, and identify your security levels.

Kudos to the new Editor. I was able to document our compliance by establishing a new standard in Global Audit-Ready in less than 14 minutes.
— Nick Braden, Modesto Irrigation District


Operator Instruction Log (OIL)


Use the Global Audit-Ready OIL to ensure your operating personnel know what to do and when, building compliance into their daily activities. This function is more than just an electronic logbook: it's an electronic procedure with a checklist. Controls built into OIL ensure efficiency, completeness, accuracy and timeliness.


OIL supports you in real time

  • Event logging

  • Actionable checklists

  • Automated emails to those who need to know, such as maintenance technicians, senior management or regulatory agencies

  • Track and manage timely analysis of interrupting device operations and corrective action plans for Misoperations

  • Streamlined and automated reporting to agencies, for example BES Events and outage notifications. Operators fill-in the blanks once, and OIL parses the info to the individual forms, saving operators time.

  • Track and report on key outage indicators

  • Execution of all mandatory steps with reduction of time spent performing regulatory activities. Ultimately, saving time for the real work of maintaining electric reliability.

  • Generate a report to identify all real-time operator logs associated with the regulations


Transmission Vegetation Maintenance Program (TVMP) Application


To assist in monitoring your vegetation maintenance program, you can log all your utility poles, upload inspection reports, generate work-orders, and track maintenance procedures. These controls allow for evidence loading with reminder emails to prompt timely inspections.

The TVMP includes the following:

  • Pole Inventory

  • TVMP Inspection Record


Protection System Maintenance Program (PSMP) Application


The Global Audit-Ready Protection System Maintenance Program SharePoint add-on integrates with the Dashboard and Reporter to ensure the overall status of your program meets PRC-005 requirements.

Key features include:

  • Controls to ensure completeness and timeliness

  • Checklist to ensure completion of required maintenance and testing

  • Work order generation, reminder emails and escalations to ensure timeliness

  • Automated tracking of unresolved issues

  • Integration with Global Audit-Ready reporting functions for overall program status



Audit Package Creator

The Audit Package Creator is a SharePoint application that will revolutionize the way you go about creating regulatory submittals for audits, such as Reliability Standards Audit Worksheets (RSAW), required by NERC. When integrated as part of the Cooper Compliance Global Audit-Ready Application suite, this application lets you choose the desired regulation, and then create a complete, professional audit package filing in under one minute.  The simplicity and ease-of-use of this app cannot be matched, saving you time and money.

Key features include:

  • Automatically manage Evidence files and embed references to them in your audit package documents

  • Seamless integration with the rest of the Global Audit Ready Application Suite

  • Rapid generation of complete, submittal-ready audit packages

  • Supports numerous standards sets and RSAW Document types.

gar approval tracking.PNG

Global Audit-Ready Approval Tracking System

Key features include:

  • Track not only one-time requests, but also cyclical required document updates such has for policies, RSAWs, procedures, and authorized requests

  • This reminder-based tracking system cycles documents through the updating, reviewing, finalizing, and approving stages, while obtaining electronic time-stamped signatures, and proving a printable record of review to retain as evidence

  • You have the ability to add notes at each stage and assign different stakeholders

gar survey.PNG

Global Audit-Ready Survey Tool

  • Query your SME’s with the interactive Survey tool to determine if certain activities occurred. A positive response generates additional questions, or a task prompting them to take action and provide evidence related to a Requirement

  • Simply collect information needed for regulatory reporting

  • Survey questions are listed by the subject matter expert in one form with email based reminders, on a schedule you set up

  • Escalation emails are sent if the survey and associated task have not been completed within the designated time period.

Our lives are so much easier now we have Global Audit-Ready. From set-up to getting things running, we feel like compliance is built into our daily work. Cooper Compliance has been there for us every step of the way.
— Dennis Schmidt, Anaheim Public Utilities

Download a detailed product whitepaper for the Global Audit-Ready Compliance Management Suite

Even if you currently have in-house resources, working with Cooper Compliance taps you into decades of experience and cultivated knowledge as well as a flexible software platform customized to your specific needs.

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