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We simplify compliance by integrating compliance into everyone's daily work. You can retire from your librarian duties because Global Audit-Ready documents evidence as you perform your normal activities, freeing-up time so you can focus on adding value to your organization.

We transform your existing unique processes into a compliance program that provides paperless audit trails and reduces audit preparation time tenfold.

“The best RSAWs I’ve ever audited were those prepared by Cooper Compliance”
— WECC Auditor (Name withheld to protect professional privacy.)

Additional services:

  • Migrate documents into Global Audit-Ready™ and document your RSAW content.
  • Electric Regulatory Compliance Management Services
  • Electric Regulatory Consulting Services
  • NERC Compliance Administration Training
  • Mock/Internal audits to verify compliance
  • Audit Preparation and Support
  • Compliance Issue Management
  • Standards Development Assessments
  • Integrate compliance into daily tasks with Customized Work Centers
  • Assist in delivering procedures and guide compliance with Customized Interactive Forms
  • Providing Interactive Process Diagrams to help guide your personnel

Redding Electric Utility utilized Cooper Compliance Corps professional management services to setup Global Audit-Ready. I really like their process and the results. I am now clear on what I’m supposed to do and when to do it.
— Ted Miller, Engineering Manager