Simplify Compliance

Global Audit-Ready simplifies compliance by collecting documentation in daily activities. With the applications in place, your organization is just a click away from demonstrating that your team is audit ready at all times.

Cooper Compliance provides both written and visual training on the Global Audit-Ready products. Watch a sample of these tutorials that you will receive when you get Global Audit-Ready.


1. Using the Global Audit-Ready Dashboard

This short video describes the Global Audit-Ready Dashboard function. Want to know the overall status of your compliance program in real time? From the Dashboard you can see what regulations are applicable and when the regulations are effective. In this short clip we review general navigation of the Global Audit Ready Application Suite.


2. Overview of Global Audit-Ready Compliance Report.

The Global Audit-Ready Compliance Standard Report is the central hub for viewing requirements within an applicable Standard and the content used to describe how your organization meets the requirements. This interactive report has everything you need to prepare for an audit. This short video provides you an overview of the report structure and its interactive capabilities.


3. Overview of the Subject Matter Expert Report

The Global Audit-Ready Subject Matter Expert report provides the same interactive capabilities as the Global Audit-Ready Standards Report, except showing only the tasks that apply to the selected expert. This short video provides an overview of the interactive capabilities associated with this convenient report.


Using Multifactor Authentication in Office 365


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